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Glow Up: Build Up Your Body Confidence in 2017!

Glow Up: Build Your Body Confidence in 2017 and Don’t Lose It!!

Doing my trolling on Tumblr and I came across an article from Psychology 2 Go that provides five psychological methods of building your body confidence. So me being the Psychology lover, holding that BS in Psychology I was curious to see what the article had to offer and see if I was fully a believer.

Link to article here: https://www.psych2go.net/psychological-build-body-confidence/?utm_campaign=SharedPost&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=TumblriOS

1.  Stop obsessing over a size, focus on clothes that fit: I’ve always been guilty of not wanting to roll over into that “plus size” department. I was in that department most of my life and once I lost the weight I never wanted to go back. I think it is 100% important to wear clothes that fit you properly, we all have seen that person that left the house in something too tight or way too big.  No matter your size, look good in whatever you wear.

2. Don’t body shaming yourself!! This is where true will power and positive self talk is a must! We are all guilty of not feeling pretty every day.  The article states that you have to acknowledge that you have a problem. If you are not going to do anything about it, don’t body shame yourself! Say positive compliments about yourself every day to build up your SELF confidence.

3. Put a face to the body bullies you are dealing with: Talk to the people that have made fun of you out loud, to decrease and get rid of those negative thoughts and memories.

4. Follow people that look like you on social media: I am big on following ladies that are of larger size that’s killing it and are so confident. My first thought is that I hope to get there one day, it truly serves as motivation.

5. Wear your faves: Another true point….I have my go to outfits that I know make my body look good and I feel 100% confident.


I was looking for a more in depth view on the psychology side regarding building your body confidence. But these are still good tips to get you going. Love who you are, don’t look for approval from anyone else besides yourself!