Oh You Thought...

Glow Up, Bless Up, Stay Prayed Up, and Hold It Down

Get to Know Fallon...

So when I'm feeling free, I'll randomly throw some facts about myself out in a blog for those that take the time to read my posts :-)

Fallon Fact #1: I'm a proud Capricorn and I stay trolling through Tumblr looking at random zodiac facts about myself and people that are close to me and I know their signs. 

I came across this post that stated..."Capricorns hide their own feelings in an effort to avoid conflict". I saw this post and of course I did the classic...."wowwwww" that is so me, how do they know that I am like that reaction??? lol But to be honest, I hate fighting and I hate dealing with sad feelings. I can come across as an emotional person but I really can hold back a lot of my true emotions because I don't want to come off as weak. 

Being weak is something that I never like to be but I have learned that sometimes you have to let your guard down, stop hiding my feelings, because everyone's feelings are valid. Something that I make sure I tell people, maybe in the past couple of years is that your feelings are valid...your feelings are valid. As a Capricorn, sometimes I have to let my feelings be known so I get the respect that is due to me.


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