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Can You Train Your Brain to Block Depression?

Depression is a mental illness that many people suffer from whether they admit it or not. As I was doing my daily social media run on Facebook I came across this article from the Power of Positivity. From the premise alone, I know too many people that would have negative thoughts towards the thought of being able to train your brain to block depression. As a person that suffers from depression from time to time that elects not to treat it with medication, I think this is truly possible because this is how I basically live my life. I make the choice not to use medication because as a person with a Psychology degree, I've studied the chemical makeup of the brain and what the medications do to your brain. I've come across too many studies and people that state that the medications leave them feeling nothing basically or on the flip side when they try to stop taking the medication the depression comes back or there are side effects.

So if there is a why to treat your depression without medication, why not tap into it? This is another reason why I started my podcast and the blog. I wanted to spread my positive vibes and thoughts to as many people as I possibly could. 

So the premise of the article connects depressed thoughts with memories from out past that we do not know how to properly moved past. Which makes a lot of sense if you ask me. Anytime I go through a depressed period it is due to a memory that I am still dwelling on and I truly do not know how to forget the pain and move past it. 

One major point they made was stop trying to be the best. Trying to be the best and comparing yourself to others are easy triggers that can lead to the start of a depressed episode. Do things that constantly make you happy and focus on being in your own lane. When you switch your focus to happiness and running your own race the need to be perfect and the best will ease the thoughts of self doubt. 

Keep negative thoughts out of your head! I also say for every negative thought you have, pump into your head 3 positive thoughts. If you keep being positive during the hard times and through negative thinking you will begin to feel better and return to that happy place. 

When you feel like things will never get better, try to remember that things will always get better. You just have to help in the process, do not stay in the state of depression. Never let the depression win, make it your goal to lessen the length of your depressed periods. Train your brain to reject negativity and to embrace positive vibes.