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Glow Up, Bless Up, Stay Prayed Up, and Hold It Down

Breaking Point...

When Is Enough, Enough?!?

What is your breaking point? How much do you take before hitting your breaking point? Why do we allow ourselves to experience pain or disappointment thinking that you won’t get to your enough point?

This question crossed my mind when reading about the TI and Tiny divorce the last few days. But this is also a general question, not just in regards to romantic relationships. But I will give my thoughts on the romantic relationship side first.

I think if you are putting up with certain unhealthy emotional behaviors you must look in the mirror and review what you are lacking to put up with the behavior. Speaking from my own experiences I know that when you put up with wrong behaviors it’s because something is broken with you. I never believe that someone is totally innocent in a situation. You must own your shit and fix it. Or don’t fix it and constantly be unhappy and picking the same type of partners. So when you are figuring out why you are at your Enough point, make sure you figure out your stuff.

Staying for the kids- nice to try, it’s the responsible thing to do but not truly healthy. I do not have children but my parents got a divorce at a young age. I promise you that your kids always know that something is not right. Be happy and sane for your kids.

Keeping up appearances- another bad decision. Happiness is so important and why stay in a situation because you are worried about other people that don’t even live in your mess?

Enough is enough is every day life- live your life wanting to be happy and avoid unnecessary stress that triggers you to compress your true feelings and allows for the Enough is enough environment to grow. Your faith and beliefs should be your center to reach happiness and you should thrive to be your best self every day.

Try to stay away from building up the enough is enough feelings and stress. Choose to be happy and deal with people/situations that cater to those feelings.