Oh You Thought...

Glow Up, Bless Up, Stay Prayed Up, and Hold It Down

A Few Things I Learned in 2016....

1. Only person you can truly trust is the good Lord
2. That I can make it through a lot
3. A lot of good people passed away this year…again taught me how to deal with life
4. It’s ok to say no
5. Everything that is meant to be will be and we can’t change it
6. You can’t trust what the polls say concerning politics (major read) but again, I knew that polls can’t be trusted because who are they really polling and does it really represent the masses?
7. I am creative
8. I have new goals and they will happen
9. The number of friends does not matter, the quality of the ones you have matters
10. I’m stronger than what I give myself credit for even with dealing with my current issues
11. I remembered how strong and wonderful my mom is and how I consider her to be my best friend. 
12. Love is nice to want BUT as my daddy used to say “it don’t hurt to want” soooo just because you want it don’t mean it’s meant for you
13. Have more fun, life is short