Oh You Thought...

Glow Up, Bless Up, Stay Prayed Up, and Hold It Down

Be Thankful, Be Kind, Do Something To Help The World...

As you lay down and prepare to go to sleep in your comfy bed take the time to be truly thankful. We can tend to go through things but not be aware of the issues and hardships that others deal with a larger scale than our simple problem of the day. I am very big on simple actions collectively combining to impact the world.

I don't hear many people speaking on the famine currently going on in Somalia, I did some of my own research and it really hurt my heart that a group of people could be suffering on such a large scale and about 1% of people are concerned. I know I remember as a kid seeing the commercials about world hunger and I remembered being bothered by the images, being puzzled as to why and how there are so many rich people in the world but we still struggle with world hunger in 2017.

I've had conversations with people where I stated that if you make a certain about of money it should be mandatory for you to contribute to a "stop world hunger" fund or something. It truly sadness my heart that people do not care. I could not dream of having to walk up to a 100 miles searching for food. This is just not the way we should let our fellow brothers and sisters live. 

Some people of course have jumped in over the years to help with this issue but it seems like a problem that can be corrected but as a world we do not care enough. The US is quick to dive into a lot of issues that should not concern us but something like providing food to a starving country does not seem big on the list of things to do. There is so much food wasted each day that being hungry should be the last thing anyone is worried about.

Also, we should do self inventory and ask what we could do to help in the trickle down affect since to most helping world hunger seems to massive. If you have an idea on how to reduce this ongoing serious problem, try to make it happen. There's so many other problems in the world that someone being hungry should not be a problem that we hear about anymore.

Just my two cents....Glow Up!